Stay Hybrid // Hybrid Nation Pop Up Shop

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On August 27th I had the opportunity to check out Hybrid Nation, a local street wear brand from Minnesota's pop up shop. It took place right down the road from me in Uptown, Minneapolis. They were fully equipped with complementary shots of tasty bourbon, hot sandwiches and Yon, the DJ

Hybrid Nation is a "socially conscious clothing brand whose mission is to positively promote diversity and initiate conversations about equality in order to work towards the creation of a more loving and accepting world." How awesome right? Not only do they sell rad street wear for both men, women, and babies, but they're spreading a positive message and making a change in our world. At the event they were donating a dollar for every "like" received on their social media, to a future scholarship towards a Minnesota high school graduate promoting diversity. Isn't that something else?

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